Whitlingham Outdoor Ramp Show and Skate

Whitlingham Outdoor Ramp Show and Skate

Tom Kirkman and Tom Read on the Quarter PipeThe Whitlingham Outdoor event went down really well. It was a last minute booking for the MBS Pro Ramp and also part of the build up to the 2012 Olympics. It was a pretty impressive show. The Norwich Fat Face store were out in force supporting us and helping promote Fat Face and the ramp to the crowds.

This show gathered some of the biggest crowds we have ever had at a ramp show. The energy made the riders go bigger and bigger with Matt Brind landing his first ever 7 on the demo ramp. This show also saw Tom Kirkman back on the ramp for the first time. His first run was a backflip and a rodeo in the quarter pipe. A pretty spectacular return to form.

Tuai Lovejoy skatingAfter the shows the team found a skate park and went for a skate. The MBS Pro Team are great skaters and showed off their skills. It was a nice way of burning off any excess energy before sitting down for a long drive back from Norfolk.

See more photos from the Whitlingham Outdoor event.

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