Tom Kirkman

Tom Kirkman


Tom is a legend in the world of mountainboarding. From the early days he always stood out of the crowd for his talent and style. He is the one who is going faster than anyone else and jumping higher than everyone else. After a while out of the sport Tom is now back in a big way. He won the World Downhill Championships (no brake) in France, then the World Freestyle Championships in August, proving he is truly the best mountainboarder out there. On top of being an amazingly talented mountainboarder, Tom makes loads of videos which he releases here on MBS Europe, and also on his own site ATC Productions. Some of the music he uses are recordings of himself playing guitar with his friends.

Quickfire round

rides: mbs pro 100
born: 10/02/88
birth place: in the woods somewhere
hometown: Calstock, Cornwall
likes: landing on my feet
dislikes: falling over
music: sir mix a lot- baby got back, fresh prince of bell air soundtrack, s club, and mine and ollie band (my pet badger)
films: anything made by ATCproductions, or into the wild
food: I used to like sweets but I cant eat them any more because me teeth are falling out so fruit
drink: juice or a pint of vodka
sponsors: the lovely MBS Europe and the even lovelier
personal quote: “good morning”


Tom Kirkman at Mini United
Tom Kirkman at Winterberg