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MBS Mountainboards are an American brand based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They have grown to become the leading manufacturer of mountainboards and mountainboarding accessories. The MBS brand is now recognised worldwide and is associated with top quality boards and the best riders.

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Distributed by Maxtrack

MBS Europe is a part of Maxtrack. We have been distributing MBS Mountainboards in the UK for over ten years and have grown to take over the European market. Our offices and warehouse are in the UK. We have French, German and Spanish speakers in the office and various agents all over Europe to help us combat the language barriers and provide local knowledge.


Emlyn Bainbridge Backflip

Emlyn Bainbridge Backflip

We have over the years worked hard to set up and support centres where anyone can go and ride. These have over the years become solid businesses and a core part of the sport. These centres give newcomers to the sport an opportunity to try out equipment and receive proper instruction before investing in their own equipment.

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Customer Service

We do our utmost to provide the best customer service and product support possible. We are very involved within the industry too. However things do go wrong and mistakes are made. If you have any problems with an MBS product we will go out of our way to help you out.

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