History of MBS and Mountainboarding

History of MBS and Mountainboarding

Mountainboarding has developed beyond being a wacky sport idea into a legitimate board sport and MBS has become a highly successful company. There are now tens of thousands of MBS boards out there hitting grass slopes and dirt jumps.

Early Mountainboard

As you would expect, mountainboarding was developed by snowboarders looking for a way to ride when in the summer months when there was no snow. It all started in 1993 when friends Patrick McConnell and Jason Lee developed the first three mountainboard prototypes in California. They moved to Colorado to start their business. In 1994 MBS manufactured 35 mountainboards.

Over the next few years the buzz grew and with clever marketing campaigns together with an increasing word of mouth sales grew steadily. 1998 saw MBS starting to refine its products and become more user friendly and suitable for newcomers.

In 1999 the company received investment and spent heavily on marketing and promotion to increase awareness of the brand and the sport as a whole. It paid off when the company sold more boards in the holiday season than in the entire year before.

2000 saw a lot of media exposure on TV, radio and print. 2001-2002 saw the first of many MBS Ramp shows going on tour. This time called the “Big Air Team”.

2003 was a big year. The tenth anniversary and the year many proprietary new products which are still known and used today were launched. These included the Matrix truck, F3 bindings and T1 tyres. A new tour, this time of US schools hit the road to demonstrate mountainboarding to the masses.

After this we enter the modern era of mountainboarding as we know it. MBS continues to refine its products and support the growth of the industry. MBS riders continue to dominate competitions all over the world and our employees, riders and friends continue to help introduce the sport to new people year after year.