MBS Bearings

MBS Bearings


MBS replacement bearings.

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Water, dirt, sand and salt are all a nightmare for bearings – and we like to be rolling smoothly so it is handy to have a replacement set available.

  • Sold as a set of 8 – enough for one board.

When choosing bearings it is important to get the sizing right:

  • 28mm OD are compatible with FiveStar, RockStar II, RockStar Pro, TwiStar, and TriSpoke hubs.
  • 22mm OD are compatible with ATOM/COLT wheel assemblies
  • Trucks with 12mm axles include Matrix, Matrix Pro, Matrix II, Matrix II Pro, and ATS.12
  • Trucks with 9.5mm axles include ATS, ATS Pro and Vector.
  • Longboard skateboards use 22mm OD and 8mm axles.
  • All Terrain Longboard Wheels use a 22mm OD and 8mm axles.

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9.5mm x 22mm, 9.5mm x 28mm, 12mm x 28mm, 9.5mm x 28mm Stainless, 12mm x 28mm Stainless, 8mm x 22mm


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