New lineup for 2023

At the end of last year we released a bunch of new products for 2023. The never ending challenges of production and logistics took a little wind out of our sails, but now as the end of winter is finally getting closer we know that the new products are going to be here very soon. With that in mind, we figured we could give a quick breakdown of everything that is new. There are some big releases!

MBS PRO 97 – Dylan Warren III – Snake

This has not been a well kept secret – but we are excited they are finally ready. This release sees a return to snowboard style fully composite construction pro decks complete with PBT graphics and ABS sidewalls. More details on the deck later.

To go on top of the deck, Dylan has been riding these new shock absorbing concave deck pads. Below the deck you have the all new Matrix III trucks. The rest of the set up are tried and tested components, Rockstar II hubs, T1 tyres and F5 Bindings.

Find out more about the new MBS Pro 97 DWIII

MBS Pro 97 – Dylan Warren III Deck

This new deck is a big deal. High performance snowboard style composite construction is a huge step up in performance. The layup consists of:

  • Vertically laminated multi species wood core
  • Poppy fibreglass/epoxy structural layers
  • Durable polyurethane “white wall” sidewalls
  • Hardwearing sublimated PBT top graphic
  • Slick textured PBT base graphic
  • Aluminium truck hole bushes
  • Multiple truck and binding mounting positions

Find out more about the MBS Pro Warren III Deck

MBS COMP 95 – Silver Hex

The latest version of the most versatile board in the range. This new Comp 95 comes with the new Matrix III trucks, and an asymmetric concave Powerlam deck with a new tip shape, The rest of the package is rounded out with classic components – Rockstar II hubs, T1 tyres and F5 bindings.

Find out more about the new MBS Comp 95 – Silver Hex


This is one of those projects that has been in development for years. Taking all the pros and cons from its predecessors, this new truck system combines the best of them all. On top of that it adds a bunch of new features.

  • Mutliple shockblock positions for the widest range of turning resistance
  • Upgraded shockblock shape and formula with 3 hardness options
  • Oversized hollow square hanger profile for a stronger and lighter truck
  • Tighter tolerances for unsurpassed turning precision
  • Upgraded pivot interface for longer life
  • Flip able design for two ride height options
  • Two hanger width options and replaceable axles in two lengths allows for four possible widths.
  • 300mm hanger + 50mm axles
  • 320mm hanger + 50mm axles
  • 300mm hanger + 70mm axles
  • 320mm hanger + 70mm axles

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With a new shape and new higher rebound formula these allow you to dial in your ride. The are available in Soft (white), Medium (orange) and Hard (red). With three options to choose from, and two mounting positions on the trucks, you should be able to find something that suits your riding style.

Find out more about the MATRIX III Shock Blocks


This is MBS’ strongest ever hub. Available in standard (45mm, black) to fit 6, 7 and 8″ tyres, and XL (60mm, charcoal) to fit 8, 9 and 10″ tyres. Built using high precision CNC processing for the truest spin possible, and featuring an increased width for increased contact patch. A totally new feature for this design is the ability to use our new balance weights.

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