Lewis Wilby MBS Pro 90 shot by Abe Alzouman

The New MBS Pro 90 now available to pre order!

Last week we unveiled the new Pro 90, then took it down to the BKSA finals at Westward Ho! to show it off to the world. The feedback has been great! The board is performing well and looks amazing in the flesh. The new Bamboost deck technology, combining bamboo, maple and fibreglass feels really nice. The tried and tested components we have paired it with make a really nice board.

Lewis Wilby on the new Pro 90 at Westward Ho!

One of our main aims was to replicate the performance of the original Pro 90, but at a much more accessible price point. We have achieved this and everyone has been pleasantly surprised when we unveiled the new board would retail at £379.

There is only one shipment of Pro 90s arriving in 2012. This will be arriving just before Christmas. Pre orders are now open and going very well.

If you would like to ensure you get your hands on one of the first boards then there is only one way to do that – pre ordering. You can order a board now using the link below:


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