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Joe Dickson reports from Oz

Joe Dickson in OzIt seems to be the place to go this winter. Both Joe Dickson and fellow Pro Team Rider but on the kite side of things Mark Berry have headed out there to get away from the cold. Here is what he has to say:

So I’m out in Australia getting away from the UK winter.. I was staying with the legendary Ryan Slater for a while in Melbourne. Had great times with that crazy cat. Now I have moved to stay with Dylan “Radface” Warren in the suburb of Beaconsfield. Hes got an empty house plot next door so we have been making some sort of ghetto board park. These shots are testing some of the new stuff. It is quite dodgy as you can see, made of rubbish from the building site next door, pallets from here there and everywhere around. Someone had crashed a car into a lamp post and that then became a up rail/pole jam. An old trampoline frame became a down rail and a wall ride. A vert wall and jump were made of random bits of wood and ply from someones bonfire. It all works and we will be having a session with local riders soon.

See the rest of the photos of Joe Dickson and Dylan Warren in Oz.

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