MBS at the Mondial Du Vent 2008

MBS at the Mondial Du Vent 2008

Lewis Wilby at the Mondial Du Vent 2008For those in the kiting world, Mondial Du Vent is one of the biggest kite events in the world – and it just got bigger. From 2008 onwards the PKRA are in town as well, attracting more top riders, spectators and media than ever before. Last year we had an amazing time at the Mondial du Vent so we figured we had to go again.

The Mondial is in the small town of Leucate, in the south east of France, not far from Perpignan. The entire town is closed off and becomes a wind sports mecca. Every night great parties are organised and everyone gets together for a laugh. We set off on the Friday late afternoon. It is a not for the faint hearted 14 hour drive from Dunkirk. An all nighter. Once you get there though, you know it is worth it.

As we did the year before, we hooked up with top photographers Simon Mitchell and Richard Boudia to get some great shots. Lewis Wilby and Mark Berry were on top form going massive and pulling some big kite loops. We managed to get some good crowds of people watching. On top of that, a bunch of top kitesurfers joined us for a session on the land. Jo Wilson and Kirsty Jones got a little competitive seeing who could do the best trick on land! They were soon doing back loops and back loop transitions.

Kirsty Jones at the Mondial Du Vent 2008

Watching the PKRA was amazing. Despite very difficult conditions the level was still very high. A good group of us from the UK were present to cheer on Team GB. The night life was epic again and the week flew by. It was one of the best if not the best kite event ever.

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