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Riding all year long since 1993! This is the European base for all things MBS – take a look at the latest boards in the range or find spare parts to fix up your old one! We stock a huge range of components and upgrades.

Since 2005 MBS have been working on longboards which splintered off to become ATOM. These have been developed over the years to include a full range of shapes and now electric longboards too.

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What’s inside an ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD? PT 1 – Batteries

A special edition of Tech Talk with R&D Lee! Have you ever wondered whats inside an Electric Skateboard? Wanted to know how an esk8 worked? R&D Lee will take you through it all on todays first epsiode! This episode looks at batteries - the types of batteries used in...

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Getting to know… The Atom B10 Electric Skateboard

We have been enjoying the ATOM B10 Electric longboard ourselves recently - the smallest and most portable in the range. It also has that kick tail which helps you make it round the tightest of corners. Just beware of hitting the throttle hard when your weight it back...

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New 2017 ATOM Longboards now available!

We have just received our first drop of the new range of ATOM Longboards. This year we are really pushing our drop through and drop deck designs, and we have created a wider range of graphics than ever before! ATOM is our sister company and specialises in making great...

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How To Get Better At Mountainboarding

This week Dylan takes a trip to check out a new skatepark, skate with camels and smash out tricks. He also had a super fun session on his new ramp and takes the time to teach you how to get better at Mountainboarding, ride by yourself and find places to ride. Action...

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Round 2 of Rhythm X Video

Heres a little video of what went down at the second round of Mountain Board UK Rhythm X This is a small rider run event thats loads of fun and anyone can enter! The next one is at Crewe BMX in Cheshire on the 12th August:...

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Everyone Loves Flips

In this weeks episode of the VLOG we prepare and build new ramps for the Beaconsfield Bash. We have a downhill race and a best trick comp. The boys check out a new Melbourne BMX track and get in a session at The Shed skatepark - Dylan Warren

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