Tom Kirkman was approached by the Eden Project to put on a mountainboard display at the popular tourist attraction down in Cornwall. Together with fellow MBS Team riders Jamie Johnstone, Mick Kirkman, Matt Brind and a couple of other friends the event was organised. Mountainboard photographer extraordinaire Paul Taylor was on hand to capture some […]

ATB Junkies, supported by the ATBA-UK have organised an international film festival to take place at Bugsboarding Mountainboard Centre on the 17th of October. With it being an international event, entries are encouraged from all over the world. All film makers should head over to ATB Junkies to get a production guide. As usual there […]

[PRESS NEWS] April, 4 – 5 – 2009, Monte Petrano (Ceglie, PU – ITALY) – LANDKITE & MOUNTAINBOARD MEETING: PETRANO WIND EXPERIENCE Mountainboard Italia Association with FSKI (Federazione Sport Kite Italia), ASI (Alleanza Sportiva Italiana) and New Action Boardshop will be present, on the amazing Altopiano del Petrano for the weekend on the 4-5th of […]